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airSEM™: Enabling EDX material analysis in open air


In this work the basic performance of airSEM™ EDX are presented. It is shown that features such as count rate, lateral resolution, sensitivity and ability to detect low Z materials down to Boron, are preserved. In addition to simplifying the entire workflow compared to vacuum SEM, the airSEM™ EDX allows performing material analysis of samples which are not vacuum compatible.

As operating in air suppresses sample charging it also allows to analyze insulating samples without coating, which might interfere with quantitative analysis. Finally, EDX may be incorporated as one of the modalities in the airSEM™ imaging station enabling one stop correlative imaging and analysis.


Light element detection:

EDX light elements

Lateral resolution:

EDX Lateral resolution

Vacuum vs. Open air:

EDX Vacuum Vs. Open air

Detect-ability of small structures in airSEM™ EDX

DX Detectability of small structures

Elemental Mapping:

DX In line defect characterization


EDX Elemental Mapping



airSEM™ enables to perform quantitative material analysis using EDX on samples under ambient conditions (in open air) without coatings or any other sample preparation.

This new technique offers advantages such as EDX analysis of objects which are not vacuum compatible, EDX analysis of non-coated insulators and EDX analysis of large objects.

EDX is one of the many modalities constituting the airSEM™ imaging station.


Link to poster:  

EDX material analysis in open air – IMC 2014

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