Imaging Station

  • Simple and Rapid
  • Correlative imaging
  • Experimental Bench
  • Beyond limits
  • Unified GUI

Imaging Station

The airSEMa�? microscope supports nanometer-scale imaging of samples residing in full atmospheric pressure i??i??i??i??i??i??i??i??i??i??i??i??i?? with no vacuum chamber.A� This innovative and powerful technology can therefore be simply combined with other imaging modalities, to form an airSEMa�?A�imaging station. Such a platform bears advantages in areas such as correlative imaging.


The airSEMa�?A�imaging station has multiple imaging modalities on a single platform, sharing a common sample stage. The platform is tailored to image the same region of interest with various imaging modalities. The relative locations of the different imaging axes on the platform are fixed and prei??i??i??calibrated; one can easily and accurately alternate between the different modalities.


Correlative microscopy is an intrinsic feature of theA�airSEMa�?A�imaging sta tion a�� with no need for artificial alignment marks and time-consuming, repetitive orientation activities. With the airSEMa�?A�imaging station the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


The airSEMa�?A�A�imaging station is comprised of a standard optical microscope together withA�an airSEMa�?.A�However, other types of optical microscopes (e.g., a fluorescence microscope) and spectroscopic tools (e.g., A�Raman) can be integrated onto this platform just as easily, to construct a powerful upgraded one-stop analysis station.


Furthermore, experimental tools other than imaging apparatuses, such as laser excitation sources, injectors of chemicals and mechanical or electrical manipulators, can be incorporated on such a platform, creating a mini-lab around the airSEMi??i??i??A�microscope.


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Simple and Rapid

The airSEM™ microscope allows simple and rapid sample imaging, primarily because steps such as elaborate sample preparations, evacuating the chamber and finding appropriate imaging conditions, are not required.

This feature of the airSEM™ microscope, in conjunction with the single sample translation stage of the imaging station, makes this platform ideal for rapid and seamless multimodality imaging.

Use of an optical microscope to locate the region of interest, is both convenient and natural to the researcher and ensures more authentic specimen sampling.

Consequently, more relevant data are collected in a shorter amount of time – a key advantage of the imaging station.


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Correlative imaging

Correlative microscopy is challenged by the complexity of locating the same region of interest under different imaging modalities and by modality-dependent sample preparation protocols, which often alter the chemical composition and morphology of samples.


The airSEM™ imaging station sidesteps these two intricacies, presenting the ultimate correlative imaging platform:

  • A unified motion-control system, assures accurate retrieval of the same field of view between the optical and electron microscopes - rendering artificial alignment marks unnecessary
  • Sample preparation preserves commonly used markers such as immunofluorescence and immunogold labels

Experimental Bench

In some cases, samples are subjected to chemical, mechanical or other physical manipulations in an experimental setup and are later imaged in a high resolution microscope such as an SEM in order to study the results of such manipulations.

The open architecture of the airSEM™  imaging station allows for easy integration of such manipulation techniques (e.g., chemical injectors, mechanical manipulators or optical apparatus).

In this manner, a customized airSEM™  imaging station supports imaging of samples engaged in their experimental environment.

Beyond limits

The airSEM™ multimodality station can be applied in multidisciplinary studies requiring imaging techniques alongside biochemical, proteomic and genomic analyses of a single sample.

This groundbreaking imaging platform allows high-resolution scanning electron microscopy of a diverse set of objects, including dielectric solids, soft samples, and liquids.

The airSEM™  imaging station can be instrumental, for example, in following electrochemical processes.

Unified GUI

The airSEM™  imaging station unified operation software supports all of its imaging modalities, seamlessly shifting the region of interest between them. In consequence, larger quantities of significant scientific data can be acquired in a shorter amount of time.