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Influence of cell genotype on cell morphology



This work was done In collaboration with Dr. Batya Cohen lab of Prof. Michal Neeman, Department of Biological Regulation




In vitro study of cells includes following the response to genotype changes including diferent levels of regulation using tools of molecular biology. In many cases in order to better understand the functional role of these changes it is critical to use imaging in order to look for morphological effects. Imaging cells with different well characterized genotypic modifications in high resolution highlights the morphological changes, and complements the understanding achieved by molecular tools and implies on its functional influence.



  1.  Test the influence of transgene expression on cellular morphology.
  2. Image a wide cell population in order to enable statistical significance.
  3. Correlate high resolution morphological imaging to cell population imaged in optical microscopy.


Life Case 3

Fig1: Images of cancer cell line (ES-2 and H1299) following alteration in the expression of specific genes. Changes in genotypic expression results in morphological changes of the cells and surface structures. 

Life Case 3a


Life Case 3b




  1. —High resolution data of cell surface morphology.
  2. Correlation to optical microscope information, such as sample heterogeneity etc.
  3. Possibility to scan a wide population of cells in a short time, simplifying collection of statistics.
  4. Enable optimization of convectional sample preparation protocol, by imaging in different stages along the protocol.


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