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Sample Preparation

airSEMa�? offers a paradigm shiftA�with regards to sample preparation for electron imaging.

Beyond sidestepping almost all sample preparation, in itself rendering the airSEMa�? a highly convenient electron microscope, the two major advantages offered are:

Solid state samples can be directly imaged without coating, which, in many cases, can obscure critical information.

Life Sciences: Current preparation procedures for vacuum SEM have severalA�known drawbacks, all of which are eliminated when using the airSEMi??i??i??A�platform:

  1. Artifacts: A�Standard preparation procedures can alter fine morphological details.
  2. Information loss: Stripping of water-soluble chemical groups, such as fluorescence markers.
  3. Destructive sample preparation: Blockage of the possibility to image the sample again with fluorescence microscopy.
  4. Time consuming: some of the widespread sample preparation techniques can take days to implement properly.

A comparison ofA�sample preparation steps for tissue slices for both vacuum SEM andA�airSEMa�? is presented:

Sample Preparation table


Sample Preparation_3

airSEMi??i??i?? surpasses the steps of fixation, dehydration, drying or coating which in many cases alter the chemistry of the sample and its structure and may introduce artifacts

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