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airSEMa�?A�revolutionizes the scanning electron microscopy workflow. Sample handling and imaging is convenient and requires minimal expertise. The sample is first imaged with the optical microscope, under which the user navigates to find the region of interest. The system then automatically shuttles the sample to the airSEMa�? to generate a scanning electron-based image of the same region.


Step 1

Place the sample under the optical microscope and find the region of interest. Fluorescence images can be obtained, where applicable.

Step 2

Upon pressing "Go to airSEM™, the system automatically and accurately moves the sample to the airSEM™ microscope to enable imaging of the region of interest which was imaged under the optical microscope.

Step 3

The first image generated under the airSEM™ mode matches precisely to the last image taken with the optical microscope. Naturally, from this point on, higher resolution of details of interest is straightforward.

The user can change the magnification, navigate the sample or perform material analysis using EDX.  The user can also move back to the optical microscope by pressing "Go to optical microscope".

The ability to easily move the sample between the two microscopes allows the user to fully characterize the specimen and to generate correlative images.